WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Press Release - NU Product Line

Master Sales, LLC expects the category of hookah tobacco to increase significantly in the next several years. Building off the nationwide launch of hookah tobacco in the US, Master Sales LLC debuts new product line in its portfolio, including Nu Tobacco and Nu Charcoal.

GAITHERSBURG (July 1, 2016) – Coco Nara, a Master Sales, LLC company, today announced a new lineup of hookah flavors that will become the foundation for the introduction of “Nu” hookah tobacco and charcoal products. The “Nu” product line portfolio focused exclusively on hand crafted hookah tobacco affirms the company’s ongoing investment in the category of hookah tobacco with ingredients of the highest quality that is 100% made in the United States.  In addition to bringing its line of Nu Tobacco flavors to the hookah industry, Master Sales, LLC will also debut a line of Nu Charcoal products.

 “Since the beginning, we have worked to perfect the craft of creating the finest hookah charcoal and while we always offered our clients new options in charcoal and tobacco, nothing will compare to the attention to high quality ingredient selection, boldness of flavor and aroma and one-of-a-kind manufacturing innovation we will see in the next few years,” said Raed Haidar, Coco Nara Cofounder and president and ceo of Master Sales, LLC.  “The opportunity to create an entirely new hookah experience is limitless and our clients are already telling us that they want to meet us on this journey with the growing hookah industry.”

U.S. hookah consumption has grown by significantly in the last decade and hookah tobacco sales alone have increased by a whopping 200%, according to industry analysts.

 This expanded Nu tobacco flavor menu will now include:

  • Nu Tobacco: Handcrafted to perfection from individually selected, hand cut tobacco leaves, slowly steeped for optimum flavor infusion, absorption and quality for the ultimate hookah experience. 

  • Nu Charcoal: Nu in a different way; worked hard to create a coal that was up to the standard of quality we desired at an affordable cost.
    • 3 flat sizes: 120pcs box, 60pcs box, 20pcs box; Dims: 25x25x17 mm
    • 3 cube sizes: 96pcs box, 48pcs box, 24pcs box; Dims: 22x22x22 mm

Recipes for Nu Tobacco flavors are developed by Master Sales, LLC tobacco and research teams, who taste hundreds of hookah flavors to ensure the right blend, smoothness, amount of smoke, aroma and quality in order to create the perfect flavor profile.  This process mirrors how our team creates new and one-of-a-kind products, including the introduction of Xberry Mint and Blue Guava in 2013, which drove tobacco sales growth of the Coco Nara Tobacco category that was higher than it had been in the three years prior to introduction. 

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