WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What Is the Best Hookah Tobacco for Thick Smoke

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When it comes to hookah smoking, one of the most entertaining aspects comes with the ability to blow thick hookah smoke. Combining that with the flavor that’s been chosen and the relaxing atmosphere that presumably exists, this merging together brings about a great feeling that lasts until it’s time to light up again.

The issue for many people is that because of the growing popularity of hookah shops and the product in general, it’s getting harder to determine what the best hookah tobacco is to achieve thick smoke.

Getting That Thick Smoke Effect

While flavor is something that often entices someone to choose certain hookah, the lingering appeal of thick smoke as a component requires certain aspects. Chief among them is a healthy supply of glycerin, while things like packing also have a good deal of value. In the latter case, fluff or semi-dense is what most hookah smokers prefer, while getting proper air flow means looking at Phunnel style bowls.

Making sure the heat management is just right virtually guarantees a great experience. Some hookah enthusiasts continue to remain loyal to natural coals, while others see cube coals as the next step in their hookah progression. The option is obviously up to the user, which might end up being based on exactly how long they’ve been part of the shisha universe or how fresh the product is for the user.

Taking all of the above information under consideration, the clear winner in this category is Nu tobacco. That’s because the flavor experience is second to none and the wide variety of those 36 flavors touch different taste buds every time.

A Cascade of Flavors

Exactly how varied are those flavors? How about trying blueberry, grape, grapefruit, kiwi, mint, orange, peach, pineapple or watermelon mint? Just reading that likely whets your taste buds and makes you eager for more. You can also try mixing multiple flavors together to create a unique flavor that may become one of your new favorites!

The Magic of the CocoNara Coal

Nu tobacco delivers thick hookah smoke as it teams up with CocoNara coal to also offer the best hookah tobacco taste around. CocoNara provides four different version of its product, including standard version, the QuickLight variety for those who don’t want to wait around, and CocoBrix, which should be the preferred choice for hookah bars. There’s also the CocoMazaya, for those who prefer the cubes.

Plenty of Sizes to Choose From

Knowing that the level of enthusiasm can range from simply being a fan with a yen for hookah to being absolutely passionate about it, Nu takes that into consideration when offering its different sizes. Some may prefer the 50 gram, 100 gram or 250 gram options, but those who just can’t get enough can also order a one-kilo container of whatever delicious flavor lures them in.

Hookah Math Made Easy

The simple math in this equation is that to find the best hookah tobacco that can provide a thick hookah smoke, the only answer is to go with Nu Tobacco available from CocoNara Online. So make sure to pick some up today or maybe even the 1kg container if you really love a particular flavor. The best part about any decision you make here is that the end result will be pure pleasure.

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