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How To Get Thick Hookah Clouds Without Harshness

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By Jacob Wulff, Contributor

The many pleasures that come with hookah smoking can end up being ruined by harsh hookah smoke that results from not being able to get those thick, puffy clouds that you want. It’s not very difficult to have that become a reality since all that’s required is a little more focus on making sure that everything’s being done right from the beginning and finding a reliable place to buy quality hookah tobacco.

Applying Some Heat

Without the right heat management, there will almost always be harshness, usually because of the tobacco being scorched or overheated. That means that paying attention to your bowl and the coals burning atop it is important. Ultimately, size really matters in this case. If you’ve got a large bowl with a coal on top, then you’re probably going to need more heat than if a smaller bowl is required for a group session. Fire up some fresh charcoals, and add a few more to the mix.

Using the Right Bowl

This may all seem pretty basic, but the makeup of your bowl can also be important. If you want the bowl and tobacco to heat up quickly, ceramic or glass should be the choice. However, make sure to remember that the glass might not hold that heat for as long as you need for a longer session. Clay bowls will hold heat on the shisha longer, and phunnel style bowls will usually help with a more even, slow burn and better airflow (further inhibiting the tobacco from getting too hot).

Tobacco Amount and Foil

The amount of tobacco in your bowl can also end up causing harsh hookah smoke, mostly because it often comes too close to the foil (even sometimes touching). When that happens, the burning begins. Case in point? Always keep a tiny bit of space between the top of you bowl pack and your foil.

Investing in either heavy duty foil or using a double cover of everyday foil will help stop added heat from causing harshness in the smoke. In addition, letting the heat reach the tobacco in a less direct way will avoid the burn, and in-turn, harshness.

Coal Rotation

While it sounds like a great plan to just let the coals burn, they need to be rotated evenly throughout your smoke session. If it reaches that point, the shisha is tasting incredibly harsh, it’s usually probably time to move all your coals around the far edges of the bowl, placing them in a new place than where they previously sat during the session.

Quality of the Tobacco

The product itself will always be an important part of making sure that those thick clouds appear, which means having a good place to buy hookah tobacco is important. Without quality shisha on hand, you’ll be left with sub-par smoke and flavor, which won’t offer much of an invitation to anyone who really wants to relax and enjoy themselves. High quality tobacco from brands such as Nu Tobacco, CocoNara Tobacco, or Mazaya will always be good options.

The Best Option

CocoNara Online is more than capable of providing the right kind of tobacco or coal for your needs, as well as any other hookah accessories you might need. With the wide variety of top hookah products at our disposal, you will be able to quickly practice proper hookah heat management, which in turn helps avoid the problem of harsh hookah smoke.

So whether your plan to is to buy hookah tobacco that will be able to offer the thick clouds you’ve been seeking or you just want the best coals to maintain that hookah heat management, contact us at CocoNara Online. We’re ready to help you out.

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