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How to Properly Clean Your Hookah

hookah cleaning hookah maintenance how to clean a hookah

how to clean a hookah
By Jacob Wulff, Contributor

Enjoying a relaxing hookah session can end up being undercut when you have to deal with slag left over from a previous smoke. This annoyance can end up ruining something that’s supposed to offer a nice period of relaxation, so knowing how to clean a hookah the right way will avoid dealing with this issue.

Plenty of Water

Getting a clean hookah can sometimes depend on the size of the pipe that you have, since larger ones generally need to be cleaned outside with a hose or in a bathtub or shower. In contrast, smaller ones can be handled within a sink inside. The bottom line is that sloppiness is something that should be expected, because blasting the different areas of your dirty hubbly-bubbly will probably mean plenty of water spraying around.

The Process

Cleaning your hookah begins with emptying the base, tray and bowl. In some cases, this might also require disassembling the stem, ball bearings in the stem’s purge valve or other hookah accessories. Make sure to place these pieces in a safe place so they don’t get lost. Once everything has been taken apart, rinse each part before soaking it in a cleaning solution. While there are some hookah-specific cleaners on the market, you can do just as well by mixing together baking soda and lemon juice.

Using a brush for either the shaft or base when cleaning your hookah can help remove the harder buildup, while cleaning the threads for either the stem or hose connector will also avoid that problem. Applying a healthy dose of water to that, the shaft and bearings before letting them dry will help address those areas and get your hookah squeaky clean again.

An Important Fact to Remember

Knowing how to clean a hookah means also knowing what not to wash. That means avoid cleaning the hose because of the continued risk of corrosion of the metal coil that’s usually inside. There are washable hoses, though a clean hookah can avoid drastic taste changes simply by making sure that certain hoses handle only light flavors and others use stronger options - think a hose for double apple or mint, and a hose for desserts or fruit flavors.

Base Cleaning

This area pretty much has the same routine, though it does require a little more focus when it comes to the cleaning of glass bases. That’s because not having a tight grip, especially when the base is wet, will often send it crashing to the floor - something you definitely want to avoid.

Depending on how the base was created, you may be able to use a dishwasher to handle the cleaning process. However, these bases can’t have any paint on them or be made of thin glass. If that’s the case, then cleaning your hookah by hand should be the method you use. When it’s time to dry, letting it air out naturally is the best choice to make.

Your Best Hookah Choice

A clean hookah can help you enjoy the wide array of flavors available from CocoNara Online. We also have hookahs, charcoal and other accessories that can make your sessions that much more invigorating. Knowing how to clean a hookah isn’t a requirement when it comes to enjoying this hobby, but it can certainly enhance the overall experience.

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