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Imgur Review - Nu Pan Rasna

imgur pan rasna review

Nu Pan Rasna


Hello! I recently got my hands on some of the brand new Nu shisha! Nu is a new brand on the market, produced by the guy responsible for Coconaras. While some might bulk at the man behind the shisha for how Coconaras have been performing, but they're on the way to fixing a lot of the issues, and the man behind Nu is dedicated to quality assurance and control. Nu shisha is a French tobacco, but the flavoring and glycerin is 100% made in the USA.

For the uninitiated - real Pan is made from areca nut and betal leaf, a drug of sorts. It is chewed in a lot of different cultures and results in red saliva as well as an "euphoric" feeling. However, in many cultures, it's known as a breath freshener and palate cleanser and not so much as a drug. Non-"euphoria" inducing versions are often found at Indian restaurants in a little pan on your way in and out. Anyways onto the flavor (wow, this is a long first slide).

This flavor is incredibly difficult to describe, it's just light paan/supari with a light menthol. The paan/supari tastes like rose, mixed with potpourri, and something a bit like cardamom that adds a tad of sweetness. The mint in this is weak, and does a little cooling, but it's nothing too powerful.

hookah bowl packing

The Shisha and the Pack

The shisha is a French tobacco with a decent nicotine kick (like Al Fakher). It's roughly chopped and easy to pack (fluff pack it slightly over the rim with an HMD).

hookah head with HMD


It's a well done shisha. It's easy to pack, smooth to smoke, the flavor is present, and was a solid first experience with Nu. That said, I'm still sad I haven't found the Pan I'm looking for. After Afzal changed their tobacco and flavor (less floral, more mint), I've been looking for something like that. An incredibly powerful pan flavor. This one is much lighter than the original, but it's a great "starter Pan". Afzal is still stronger than this in flavor (the mint is far harsher and it's a toss up which I prefer), so this is a good test to see if the flavor could be palatable to you. Nu tobacco isn't available in 250g yet, but it's available in 50g and 1kg quantities ($2.50 and $40 respectively). Anyways, that's all, let me know if you have any questions and I'd be more than happy to try helping!

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