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Reddit Review - Got that new Nu

reddit review

So, Nu is a new brand brought by one of the dudes originally with coconara. So far it looks like they're in the "no BS flavors" market. They have straight flavors, no cutesy names or exotic flavors. AFAIK, Al Fakher and Nakhla are the top of the shisha game with such flavors, so any new comer with a this type of line up needs to blow the original guys out of the water.

I got a kilo of grapefruit and a 50g sample each of: watermelon mint, lemon mint, pineapple, orange, peach and xberry mint. All for $30.99 plus shipping, which was like $6 for me. For 1300g of shisha, I almost felt like I was robbing the guy.

On to the reviews. I'll be using a 24" Sahara Smoke pipe, harmony, lotus, thunder hose and coconara flats for all bowls.

Cut for all: light brown leaves, few stems but they seem to be more chopped, pretty large cut. I took the advise of a previous Nu reviewer and chopped it up to a slightly finer cut.

Nu Grapefruit

Smell: like you just sliced open a perfectly ripened grapefruit. Seriously. On point. My mouth literally watered when I smelled it. Just a perfect grapefruit. I feel like there is also just the slightest whiff of menthol. My wife used a new peppermint body wash this morning, so i don't know if it's just the pepperminty smell in the house right now or if it does have a slight mint to it.

Taste: wow. Just.... Wow. Like you're drinking the most luxurious, tangy, sweet glass of fresh grapefruit juice. It's just soooooo good. I doubt this kilo will last long.

Clouds: Large, but not thick.

Overall: AF grapefruit is (was) my all time favorite. This is 100x better. AF grapefruit is nice and pungent, but Nu grapefruit is light and crisp. Where as AF grapefruit pummels your taste buds, Nu gently caresses them with citrusy goodness. So good. Definitely will have a permanent place in my stash!

Will update more as I try them.

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