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Reddit Review - A few more Nu reviews!

reddit review

I started these reviews in another thread so I'm making this for easier searching

I'll be using a 24" Sahara Smoke pipe, harmony, lotus, thunder hose and coconara flats for all bowls.

Cut for all: light brown leaves, few stems but they seem to be more chopped, pretty large cut. I took the advise of a previous Nu reviewer and chopped it up to a slightly finer cut.


Smell: like you just sliced open a perfectly ripened grapefruit. Seriously. On point. My mouth literally watered when I smelled it. Just a perfect grapefruit. I feel like there is also just the slightest whiff of menthol. My wife used a new peppermint body wash this morning, so i don't know if it's just the pepperminty smell in the house right now or if it does have a slight mint to it.

Taste: wow. Just.... Wow. Like you're drinking the most luxurious, tangy, sweet glass of fresh grapefruit juice. It's just soooooo good. I doubt this kilo will last long.

Clouds: Large, but not thick.

Overall: AF grapefruit is (was) my all time favorite. This is 100x better. AF grapefruit is nice and pungent, but Nu grapefruit is light and crisp. Where as AF grapefruit pummels your taste buds, Nu gently caresses them with citrusy goodness. So good. Definitely will have a permanent place in my stash!


Smell: nice, tangy natural lemon, with a bite of lemon zest and a natural mint undertone.

Taste: pretty much exactly like it tastes. A nice natural lemon and cooling mint. It's one of the best lemon mints I've had

Clouds: decent sized, a bit whispy

Overall: very excellent lemon mint. I was very disappointed with Trifecta Lemon Mint, as they used a super artificial lemon taste. This is what I expected. The lemon is crisp and natural. Not overtly sweet or artificial tasting. Makes an excellent mixer with Nu Grapefruit.


Smell: almost exactly like Al Fakher watermelon mint, except it's slightly sweeter and not as waxy as AF

Taste: pretty much how it smells. It's the classic watermelon mint.

Overall: so far it's my least favorite flavor from Nu. It tastes so similar to AF watermelon, that I personally wouldn't go out of my way to order Nu when I can get AF across the street from me at my LSS. Not that it's bad by any means, if you are one who loves watermelon mint, it is a steal for the price of a Nu kilo. I personally am a bit burnt out on watermelon mint, it was literally all I smoked my first 3-4 months of smoking hookah, and still what I make when I have people over who have never tried hookah. It's a tried and true flavor.


smell: like a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice

Taste: amazing, fresh, crisp orange. Just nice and refreshing.

Overall: this is a straight orange flavor done right. It is so fresh and juicy. I'm super impressed with Nu's citrus line. I'm definitely gonna get a kilo of orange next payday.

I still have peach, pineapple and xberry mint left.



Smell: vaguely of blueberry mint, with something else. I can't quite place it. Could be a raspberry, but overall it really smells like "purple", like grape soda or grape koolaid.

Taste: a lot like the smell. A generic berry flavor with mint undertone. It's actually very pleasant, even though it is a berry mix-up, it still tastes natural and not fake or chemically (looking at you Fantasia).

Overall: I like it! It's pretty delicious and lasts long. This would be a good flavor to bust out at a party, as it's a pretty good "crowd pleaser" flavor.



Smell: peachy. Very smooth and fresh. The best smelling peach I've smelled. Seriously, I just want to leave it out in a dish like potpourri.

Taste: translates well from the smell. I feel like I've used "fresh" in every review, but it's just that. Fresh. Delicious. Excellent with a pinch of TTIE.

Overall: found my Miso Peach replacement. This is just leaps and bounds over any peach I've had. It's so fresh and light. Doesn't get that weird taste to it like Al Fakher. I'm in love.

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