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NU reviews reddit review

I will update as I try more, so this will be a collection for reviews of Nu Tobacco with various information!

Nu Tobacco

Appearance: Glorious golden tobacco, large yet fine leaves.


  • Kilo: Various sized leaves, overall the cut is not fine, nor 'choppy;' while the leaves are large, they are also not especially wide or thick. It can be packed with ease as is due to this, with no risk of falling through an egyptian's or phunnel's spires. In other words, just chop it up yourself and you'll have some very consistent high quality tobacco. There are very few stems, (I only saw one and it was one of those large thick stems that have tobacco leaf curled around it.) and there's no dry or small brittle pieces nor any mini stem chunks.

  • 250g: Currently N/A

  • 50g: Much more fine, medium choppy. Would probably perform great as is, but that's TBD.

Longevity: You can expect 1 to to 1.5 hours of full flavor per 20-25 grams, with perhaps another half hour or more of lesser flavor before it starts to get bad/burnt tasting.

Heat Sensitivity: Sensitive if not cut further, flawless if cut further.

Clouds: Bit wispy if not cut futher, nice white fluffy clouds if cut further, not 100% dense though.

Price: On par with Nakhla or, slightly better than Al Fakher. Since it is modern, juicy, and qualitative, it is more comparable in style to Haze, Social Smoke, Trifecta, etc. At the moment, a kilo is very cheap at 30.99 with 8.99 shipping (for me it was 8.99 anyway.) The delivery method for mine was USPS Priority Mail and it was picked and packed by the end of the day, so it got here Friday even though it shipped out Wednesday.

Value: Exceptional. Especially considering the price, this is amazing stuff. Pick some up!


Skybowl, Ignis, Prestige Bubbles, OG Cut: Heat sensitive at first, slightly hot and vaguely harsh with very strong flavor, which leads in to less heat sensitivity and hot smoke and a more well rounded flavor. I didn't fully cook this bowl, and about half of it remained uncooked at the end, even some of it touching the ignis wasn't fully cooked. With another coal or two, I probably could have had another hour and a half of full flavor, great clouds, etc.

Skybowl, Ignis, Prestige Bubbles, Fine Cut: Handles heat well, produces fairly good clouds, tastes amazing.

Nu Blueberry

Pack: Fluff pack just over rim of Skybowl with Ignis HMD. For this trial run, I opted to not cut up the tobacco to see how it performs natively. I'm going to be using Prestige Bubbles for all of the flavors I try.

Smell: Strongly of a delicious, slightly creamy blueberry. There seems to be a hint of mint. Mildly to slightly candied.

Taste: Echoes the smell, just a bit candied, a bit creamy, and a bit of a cooling effect. Strong, flavorful, and very tasty. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, even people who may not like the idea of blueberry.

Nu Pineapple

Pack: Fluff pack to HMD lip of Skybowl with Ignis, fine cut.

Smell: Very much authentic sweet juicy pineapple with perfect amounts sour and tart at first whiff, but subsequent smells lead to a bit of tobacco/cooling aroma.

Taste: My god, it's amazing. Sweet pineapple with a hint of tart, and a moderate cooling factor. If you're even remotely interested in smoking a pineapple please just do yourself a favor and pick some up.

Nu Kiwi

Pack: Fluff underpack just under HMD lip of Skybowl with Ignis, unaltered medium choppy cut from 50g pack.

Smell: Hm, not fond of the smell, not much to it. Vaguely kiwi and slightly offensive to the nose.

Taste: Creamy, slightly prickly, citrusy kiwi. It's good, but this is a slightly more subtle flavor suited to those who want more authentic flavors that are true to the taste and not exaggerated or candied.

Nu Two Apple

Pack: Fluff pack to the rim of Oblivion with Ignis, unaltered medium choppy cut from 50g pack.

Smell: Slight earthy tone hits the nose fast, followed by a delicious sweet anise that's not overpowering.

Taste: It's sweet, just a bit creamy, the anise isn't overly strong, but not weak, and you can taste some apple also! I think it's very tasty! This is a great option for those wanting a well rounded or slightly sweeter two apple flavor.

Nu Gum Mint

Pack: Fluff overpack in Skybowl with Ignis, unaltered medium choppy cut from 50g pack.

Smell: Smells like spearmint, afterwards it smells of something else, but not sure what. Maybe tobacco notes.

Taste: Straight spearmint. It's a good ratio, nice and even, melds together perfectly. I haven't had any straight mints or gum flavors before but I have to say this is pretty great stuff.

Nu Organic Mint

Pack: Fluff overpack in Onyx Bowl with Ignis, unaltered medium choppy cut from 50g pack.

Smell: Smells strongly of a straight yet pleasant and sweet mint.

Taste: Like a more relaxed and sweet peppermint. It's good but there's a lot of throat tickle, a spicy quality, and I definitely prefer the gum mint. That said, if spearmint isn't your thing, give it a shot!

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