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Reddit Review - NU Two Apples

NU Two Apple reddit review

So, I had mentioned in a few threads that I was thinking of grabbing a kilo of NU DA. I smoke DA 80% of the time so id like to think I'm a bit of a connoisseur.

So we're all clear on where I stand with DA.

A good Da should have a stong anise note but you should taste apples!

A good DA should be easy to pack, smoke well, and have decent flavor for the majority of the bowl.

A good DA should not get old.

AF DA- Pretty good but the flavor is almost too stong. AF has a certain mouth feel to it that I dont love, but its okay.

Mazaya - My current favorite DA. Lightly sweet, great anise and apple balance. A little light if anything (like a fumari or haze)

Nak -tastes nice but i dont want to ride the tilt a whirl.

Afzail - A very indian style dbl apple. I dont like the aftertaste we'll leave it at that.

SB Vintage - Probly the best tasting but pricey and like nak, too strong for me.

So on to NU...

Holy cow this stuff is good. Amazing balance, there are green apple notes like ive never tasted in a DA. Its almost like i mixed in 20% AF bakuriani apple!

The anise is present. More so later in the bowl. The first 20 mins are very apply with a background of anise. As you smoke the green apple and ansie come more to the front.

Over all its near perfect. I was really surprised at how good the quality was for a 40 dollar kilo. Its cut like trifecta blonde with a little less juice.

It smells nice, smokes nice, tastes nice. If you;re into DA I don;t see how you;d be dissapointed in NU's version. Even if its not your favorite (jury is still out for me, its close though) you will still enjoy it.

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